Adam Overton


Adam Overton: Professor Padu Paga is the spokesperson for the Bureau of Experimental Speech and Holy Theses (BESHT), an exhibition occurring at the Pomona College Museum of Art in Nov–Dec 2012. The collaborative project with Adam Overton and Tanya Rubbak featured a free speech auditorium and reading room, five special events featuring over a dozen marvelous artists, plus five full issues of the BESHT Weekly newspaper. Professor Padu Paga was instrumental in welcoming the 5Cs students, faculty, community members, and gallery visitors to use the auditorium, and was the host of the exciting Diction-for-Dollars Open Mic series, during which speakers could earn $1-a-minute for speaking from the custom BESHT lectern. While in residence in Claremont, Dr. Paga also served as esteemed Visiting Professor of Embarrassology at the Pomona College Museum of Art. Before this he was most well-known for a performance he made of John Cage’s Song Books in 1975 at Buffalo University that led the elder composer to declare that he “regretted that [he] had composed it.” Dr. Paga now lives in Los Angeles where he is currently writing his memoirs.