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Olvera Street

The sign-twirler moved around the various street corners next to Olvera Street:

• Ceasar Chavez/Alameda

• N. Main St./Ceasar Chavez

• Near the edges of the Kiosko stage




Artist Statement:

Our spiritual needs and enlightenment desires are now a common part of our everyday vernacular and discussion thanks to the talk show gurus such as Oprah and Dr. Phil and the self-realization/spiritual guides such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Ekhart Tolle. Our culture is laden with every type of self-help practitioner, yoga studio, and book offering a multitude of ways to help you find and improve yourself. Unfortunately, our attention span is shortening. We lack patience and no longer give credence or time to the process. Whether it’s a new cell phone, a new car or happiness, we want it and we want it now. And more often than not, our culture looks towards advertising to point the way…

In this work, as in other works I have created using street signs, my intention it to explore and experiment with personal, cultural and social desires. The main focus of my artwork is in performance art, public art, installation and sculpture. The foundation of my work is inspired by my undergraduate degree in philosophy and in particular Phenomenology and the philosophical inquiries of Edmund Husserl.

The phenomenological method is a reflective, evidential and descriptive approach to “being.” It tends to base inquiry and investigation on “encountering.” My performance art is framed by this cross-disciplinary approach and can be seen in my works. I also employ the deconstructivist method in my work to re-present and manipulate existing social rituals and activities. An example of this method is expressed in the creation of street signs. I consider my performances “social interventions,” and their true essence is revealed when the audience encounters the performance. My intention is to explore the human conditions of desire and identity, in a vocabulary that uses process, subtlety and an element of sublime humor. This style enables me to broach topics with the viewer in an unassuming manner, allowing the audience to be more receptive to the work in order to create their own meaning.”

Artist Bio:

A recent graduate of the her M.F.A in Public Practice at Otis College of Art & Design, mixed media and multi-media performance artist, Andrea Dominguez has presented her work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, SoundWalk, and the 2010 Arts Alive Festival in Mission Viejo, CA, where her interactive installation involved over 1,000 participants. Dominguez received a major grant to create a multi-performer citywide work in San Diego titled More Of The Same that explored consumerism and desire through the use of symbolic and written language.