Anne Hars

just be an artist, be in your environment, and do what you can.

Anne Hars: From a strong foundation in making traditional art, which she has exhibited at the Getty Center, La Casa de Tunél, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Anne Hars has embraced the social turn in contemporary practice.

A self-described “neighborhood artist,” Anne’s most recent projects grow throughout her LA locale: at the intersections of art, activism, and the environment. They include: The Foreclosure Garden, which grew produce in the abandoned gardens of foreclosed properties; The Oxygen Garden: an ongoing exploration of ways to grow fresh air; and Maria’s Garden, an initiative that enabled an elderly neighbor to remain in her home.

Anne volunteers with Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN), where she has created a rooftop garden at LACAN’s Skidrow building. She is also co-founder of  “Reclaim Rampart,” an organization that is working for community engagement with the LAPD in the re-design of the now-derelict Rampart Police Station.