Betsy Lohrer Hall


Betsy Lohrer Hall makes mixed media works on paper, installations, performances and ephemeral object works. She has a longstanding fascination with process and impermanence, often using simple, fragile materials such as thread, eggshells, or collected cast off objects. Her works often allude to unnoticed aspects of everyday life, as well as to current socio-political events.  Most often, these are approached in an abstract, lyrical way.

Hall earned her BA from Colorado College, and her MFA from California State University, Fullerton. She studied art history, literature, architecture and theatrein London and Florence, and studied painting briefly at Parsons in New York City. She developed her printmaking techniques and imagery at El Camino College, Torrance, and Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro.

She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows along the west coast, several other states in the U.S., and in Thailand. In recent years, Hall has been awarded a solo project at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), an artist residency at the Huntington Beach Art Center, a printmaking residency at Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, and a Professional Artist Fellowship grant from the Arts Council of Long Beach. A catalog of her 2011 solo exhibition, The Spaces in Between, is available through