Chris Cuellar

…One of the things to me that is really exciting – and is what gives art historians a hard time about work that is made like this – is that it can actually operate outside of an arts context completely.

Chris Cuellar (artist, LA) likes to work with writing, sound, performance & digital media. He earned an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010 and very recently completed two residencies at ACRE in Stubben, WI and Summer Forum in New Harmony, Indiana. He has made work for the Austin New Music Co-op in Austin, TX, the Hyde Park Arts Center Ground Floor exhibition, and Diapason Gallery in Brooklyn. He has contributed writing to Art:21 and DINCA. You can find more work online on his website, find him on Instagram (@firstperson), follow him on Twitter (@yoursmt) and/or Key Party with him on Facebook.