Come In, We’re Open


.Come In, We’re Open is a growing archive of short video interviews with artists, curators, writers, and producers that creates a multi-vocal, multi-definitional interpretation of the question “what is social practice?”

Add your voice to the mix: contact project organizers Edith Abeyta, Owen Driggs, and Carol Zou at:


Interviewees include:

Kim Abeles, Edith Abeyta, Allison Agsten, Rheim Alkadhi, Edgar Arceneaux, Marshall Astor, Karen Atkinson, Nicola Atkinson, Sue Bell Yank, Christy Roberts BerkowitzAnne Bray, Broodwork, Tania Bruguera, David Burns, Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, Chris Cuellar, The Center for Tactical Magic, Sara Daleiden, Joshua Decter, Letitia Fernandez Ivins, JEFF&GORDON, Finishing School, Jocelyn Foye, Cecilia GalienaMary Cecile GeeGhana Think Tank, Elizabeth Hamby, Anne Hars, Robby Herbst, Cynthia Herrera & Tava Tedesco, Michele Hubacek, Michele Jaquis, Lauren Kasmer, Bill Kelley, Jr., Janice LedgerwoodBetsy Lohrer Hall, Los Angeles Poverty Department, Los Angeles Urban Rangers, Sandra de la Loza, Josh MacPheeSilvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz, Betty MarínBeverly NaidusAdam Overton, Marc Pally, Nancy Popp, Max Presneill, Public MattersSal Randolph, Jules Rochielle Sievert, James Rojas, Irene Tsatsos, Lucía SanrománChristina Sanchez, Christen Sperry-Garcia & Brian Dick, John D. Spiak, Carol Stakenas, Aandrea Stang, Jade Thacker, Hataya Tubtim, Matias Viegener, Tricia Ward, Pamela Wells, Jacob WickJan Williamson, Rosten Woo, Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, Austin Young, Patricia Vázquez, Stephen Zacks, Carol Zou, Felipe Zuñiga-González

Links are under construction, here is the full youtube play list

Edith Abeyta, Owen Driggs, Carol Zou: Come In, We’re Open

Bringing together a range of voices from – and nearby – the emerging field of social practice, Come In, We’re Open is an ever-growing archive of 5-minute-long interviews with artists, curators, writers, producers, and participants.

Each participant was invited to speak for five-minutes, with the following questions as guidance:

·How do you define social practice?

·Describe one of your recent projects and its intersection with social practice.

·What are the challenges you see facing social practice artists?

·How do you envision social practice will evolve?

The interviews, which are conducted online, are available to view in a Youtube playlist. Along with texts on social practice, and hands-on student engagement events, they will be available to see and hear at the Los Angeles Community College (LACC) art gallery for the upcoming exhibition Come In, We’re Open; after which the videos will be used as an educational archive for LACC.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts to the archive, please put your name and email address below and we will contact you for an interview.