Edgar Arceneaux

For artists [a nonprofit] can actually create a situation in which you can feel yourself being strangled by the rules, the regulations, and the protocols. The financial architectures for artists today aren’t really set up to deal with the reality of how we actually operate.

Edgar Arceneaux is the co-founder of the Watts House Project, a non-profit neighborhood redevelopment organization in Watts. He was the Director of the Watts House Project from 1999-2012, and officially re-launched the organization in 2007 with Sue Bell Yank through the support of the Hammer Museum’s Artist Residency program, as well as a team of Watts residents, artists, community organizers, and scholars. The Watts House Project focuses on renovating residential properties and providing programs and venues for community involvement in the neighborhood around the historic Watts Towers.

Part 2 of Arceneaux’s interview