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Guest artist Evelyn Serrano was invited to collaborate on this iteration of Economy of Gesture by Felipe Zuñiga.


200 North Spring Street (City Hall)


Side one: We must profile your children’s illegal spirit

Side one: We must profile your illegal womb


My project for Economy of Gesture was designed in response to the discourse and controversy around Arizona’s SB1070, one of the strictest U.S. anti-immigration measures in decades. Part protest signs, part poetic choreography, the project uses the traditionally corporate platform of sign spinning to interject in the dynamics of our buzzing metropolis.”

Artist Bio:

Evelyn Serrano’s work is focused on context-specific practices that advance the impact of the arts as a tool for social change. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally and organized and curated exhibitions, projects and art events throughout the United States as well as in Montevideo, Tel Aviv, Tijuana, and La Habana. Serrano currently teaches at the CalArts School of Art and the School of Theater, and has lectured and led workshops at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, the CEART in Mexicali, the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock, the University of Texas in Dallas, and the Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial in La Habana. She is also the Assistant Director of Programs at the CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP).