Hataya Tubtim


Hataya Tubtim: I am an artist who is interested in people and their existence in the places they inhabit. I am fascinated by spontaneous empathy, how homes are built, how relationships broaden our humanity, and how our ’self’s’ are created through any of these processes.  I wonder if communities can really transcend our immediate spaces (both internal and external) to form that global village that I heard of.

In 2008, I began work in the San Joaquin Valley, on a project called Laton Live! Reunion/Reunión. Under the guidance of Suzanne Lacy and in collaboration with 8 other artists, (and other guest artists), we spent 9 months in Laton, CA, talking and working with community members and initiating various projects. The work culminated in a spring, nighttime festival celebrating and remembering the town’s history and culture.  Although I have lived most of my life in California, that was my first experience in the rural Valley. At that time, my closest point of reference was my father’s roots growing up in rural Southeast Asia, and the impressions I had when visiting my family there.  After these reflections, and the completion of the Laton project, I have had the opportunity to return to the Valley. I, and my collaborator, Michelle Glass, have been working in Arvin, Ca since fall of 2011.

My practice originated in the studio through drawing, design, and painting, and has migrated to public spaces.  More recently, I have experimented with performative activities, but I continue to examine the ideas I encounter through traditional processes.  As I reflect on my experiences, I hope to discover more about my connections to others.