Introduction to Art Content

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First Reading

What is Art

What is Art 2

General Art History Web Sites

Art History Resources

Ancient Egypt (reading in blue is due for March 13th)

Mummy Maker

Ancient Animals (read and click the “next” button, read/see all 12 images)

God Gallery (read and click the “next” button, read/see all 12 images)

Egyptian Magic

Tombs/Death (read “Preoccupation with Death” and  ”Tomb Texts”)


Classical Greek and Roman Art (Reading in red due for 3/20/13)

Greek Art

The Nude in Western Art

Luxury Arts of Rome

Roman Painting

Athenian Vases

Painted Greek Statues

Middle Ages (reading in green due April 2nd)


Soccer in the Middle Ages

Impressionism and Modern Art (reading in orange due 4/24/13)


Exam Study Guides

Images for the Midterm Exam

Images for the Final Exam