Jane Tsong, Comfy City Tijuana


  • PPS Performative (Outside of the Gallery) Comfy City Tijuana
  • PPS Exhibit (Inside the Gallery) The Pelargonium Exchange and Comfy City

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Please have a seat. Or make one. Our urban spaces could definitely benefit from more public seating and relaxation.” 1

With each of her projects the product of long-term observation, Jane Tsong’s work invites her viewers to pause and contemplate the “myriad small things” that make up quotidian experience. Wind patterns, water networks, an often-travelled path; these have been some of the objects of her focus. With Comfy City Tsong provides places – perches perhaps – from which to contemplate.

Carved from in situ tree stumps, the chairs of Comfy City offer the possibility of rest, reflection and – especially when they swivel – fun. In a city where most walls are too high, low, narrow or studded to accommodate a human backside, and where sitting on the sidewalk is a ticketable offence, their gift of physical comfort turns them into quietly radical objects.

Let us know the location of other stumps in need of improvement. Or for the handy and brave, a chain saw can do the job with two careful cuts. Ask your local tool rental shop for safety tips.”2

The Pelargonium Exchange

For Performing Public Space Jane Tsong has created The Pelargonium Exchange. She writes: “countless varieties of pelargoniums are passed down from gardener to gardener.  A bewildering variety of flower colors, foliage patterns and scents exist. Pelargoniums light up garden boxes and planters on both sides of the border.”

Visitors are invited to donate cuttings from their favorite pelargoniums, which will be displayed with their stories, while they grow roots at La Casa del Tuñel. After the show, the rooted plants will continue to grow to full size in planters around the Casa, include a planter carved from a small tree stump in the front of the art center. Visitors can then take cuttings from the pelargoniums they like best, passing on these plants and their stories.

PPS Performative: Tijuana, Colonaia Federal, on Saturday March 20th Miguel Holek collaborated with Jane Tsong to transform a tree stump located on the side walk two houses to the  west of La Casa del Tunel into a comfortable seat.

1: Jane Tsong’s website. 2: ibid.

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