Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko are JEFF&GORDON: We work with the “things we do,” the social customs and cultural idioms – from the public and institutionalized to the idiosyncratic and unconscious – that connect each of us to the social sphere. From “real estate walk through videos” to “focus groups” to the recreational pastime of the so-called “one percent,” we appropriate, intervene in, and re-frame the “things we do” via video and performance pieces, creating situations that foster the public’s re-examination of their role in the ever-evolving social narrative. As well as performing these vernacular customs and idioms ourselves, we also portray, between the two of us, the give-and-take, back-and-forth process of social interaction, in heightened and sometimes humorous fashion. We complete this portrayal through the mediation of the cinematic screen. The screen, in all of its contemporary forms, is our society’s great reifier of social identity and relations, both representing and teaching us who we are and how to act. By appropriating the aesthetic of the screen, we set the perfect stage on which to illuminate the otherwise comfortable social structures of mass culture.