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110 S. Alameda Street


The sign will remain blank until after the sign-spinner has finished his or her day of spinning. Then the sign-spinner will autograph – “sign” – the sign, with a thick black sharpie marker.

Artist Statement:

The signs that sign-spinners handle – so often deftly, so occasionally wondrously – are advertisements. The signs hype nearby condominiums or housing developments. Or an income tax preparation service. Or a discount pizzeria chain.

The best spinners, if you’d ask the people who hire them, are the spinners who bring new business to whatever the enterprise. The worst spinners bring no business.

The best spinners, if you’d ask the people who watch them work, are the ones who display the most artistry, athleticism, and attitude – part magicians, part drill team members, part hustlers.

Los Angeles’ streetscapes brim with advertisements. Billboards, benches, buildings and buses are ad sites. So are bathrooms, wastebaskets, coffee cup sleeves and valet parking tickets. And the Internet, the radio airwaves, broadcast television, stencils on sidewalks, and stickers on the backs of street signs.

We’d like to separate the sign-spinner from worrying about selling.

We’d like the sign-spinner to perform with a blank sign.

And we’d like him/her to do it in front of the Savoy condominiums in Little Tokyo, at 110 S. Alameda Street. This recently built complex is the sort of development where it would be no surprise to find sign-spinners, employed to help sell.

Sign-spinners are athletes. Sign-spinners are artists. Sign-spinners are engines of commerce. Advertising is the promise of a financial transaction. When a financial transaction occurs, it concludes with a  signing on the dotted line.

We’d like the sign-spinner to conclude his/her performance by signing the sign.

The way an athlete gives an autograph to adoring fans.

The way some artists punctuate their work.

And the way a financial transaction, a commercial transaction, is concluded.

In each case, by signing.”

Artist Bio:

Julie Pittman and Jeremy Rosenberg live in Los Angeles.