Marshall Astor


I’m Marshall Astor, and I work as an artist and curator/gallery director/arts administrator.  Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I also work as a writer and photographer.  For most of the first decade of the 21st century I was the Visual Arts Director the Angels Gate Cultural Center, where at one point or another I oversaw every one of the Center’s programs.   From 2003 – 2005, I was the owner/director of Walled City, a gallery in San Pedro, CA, with a focus on emerging artists, installation/site-specific projects and street art.  As a curator/gallery director, I have been responsible for well over 200 exhibitions of contemporary art, ranging from commissioned projects solo shows, to international projects, student projects, large group shows and everything in between.  I particularly enjoy curating two-person exhibitions, commissioning artists to make new/experimental work and coordinating international projects.  Currently I’ve stepped away from a fifteen-year career in the arts to finish my education, take stock in my own perspectives and “redirect the arrow in flight”, as it were.