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Alameda/Los Angeles St. (Union Station crosswalk)


Side one: I don’t need you

Side two: no te necesito

Artist Statement:

It addresses the internalization that the best of these guys go through to create something akin to dancing so that fun and enjoyment can be made from a physically demanding yet menial job that could easily be seen as degrading. Their positive engagement with this job via an attitude seems to reflect some of the best aspects of human adaption to a situation in ways that allow maximum payback for the effort – money and fun.

It can also be seen as subverting the capitalist aim of the job description in either a humorous or angry retort.”

Artist Bio:

Artist and curator Max Presneill has exhibited in New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Mexico City, Sydney, Istanbul, Paris, and other cities around the world. His paintings are represented by Durden and Ray Fine Art, Los Angeles. Presneill is currently Head Curator at the Torrance Art Museum and is the Founder and former Director of Raid Projects in Los Angeles (1998-2008). From 2005-8 he was the Director/Curator for the Mark Moore Gallery.