Option #1

A woman walks up to a stainless steal plaque next to a redwood tree.  It is mounted to a post about waist high.  The plaque text says “What did the diplodocus say to the palm tree?  I prefer conifers instead”.  The woman laughs wildly.  When hysterics cease she realizes that there is a QR code on the plaque, she pulls out her phone and scans it.

The QR code takes her to the website with more information about prehistoric northern California.  It reads:

It seems that dinosaur parents and their children shared powerful bonds, for dinosaur babies had bones with an open-weave texture that indicates they grew as fast as baby birds grow today, something that is only possible when parents are feeding their young.

The redwood trees all around you host nesting red-tailed hawk, woodpecker, and jay, among many others. Look up and you may find their nests.


Option #1 will have stainless Steal plaques of varying sizes.  The 8″ x 10″ plaque would be the largest (and most expensive) of the bunch.




Option #2

Text painted on rocks with small QR code on stainless steel plaque

…… Sign Option #2

painter cost ?

$837 for 30 stainless steel plaques

$80.00 a day for auger rental

$124 for 30 plastic backing plates

$135 for pressure treated 4×4 posts

Example of text on a rock that we are thinking about.