Museums and Museum Paper

Museum Paper/Extra Credit

If you decide to go to another museum that is not on the list below and/or do not attend the museum with another classmate you will need to write a paper.  The museum paper is a 1 page typed paper about one artwork at the museum that you like.  Describe (DESCRIBE, DESCRIBE!) what the artwork looks like and why you enjoy the piece.  Also you will need to write about the form, content and context of the artwork.  Do not spend time writing about your experience at the museum, if you do you will need to write more than a one page.  Please remember to staple your receipt of entry on the museum paper.


If you go to the one of the museums on the list below and attend the musuem with a classmate you do not need to write a museum paper.  You will need to take a picture of yourself and your classmate(s) at the museum as proof that you were there.


How to receive a grade by attending a museum (listed below) with classmates:

1) print your picture on paper.

2) staple all of your ticket receipts to the picture.

3) print the names of each person that attended the museum on your trip on the back of the picture.

4) turn it in to your professor


Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Getty Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles