Nancy POPP

Nancy Popp, Untitled (Climbing Performance)


  • PPS Performative (Outside of the Gallery) Untitled (photos of street climbing performance)
  • PPS Performative (Outside of the Gallery)) Untitled (video of street climbing performance and arrest)

  • PPS Exhibit (Inside the Gallery) Untitled (Sticker Handout)

The climbing performances are an attempt to break out of the predetermined pattern of movement within urban space…”

Nancy Popp works with performance, video and photography to investigate the body and its identities in relation to place and landscape. For her Untitled (street climbing performances) the artist utilizes her physical strength and agility to climb street furniture – most usually light poles – and hang on for as long as possible.

Popp has performed her climbs across America and internationally, including in London, Zagreb and Belgrade. While her actions and experiences are subtly influenced by their changed context and local mores, in each location she instrumentalizes her body to challenge the hierarchical patterns of movement in public space and literally interrupt the rhythm of everyday life.

“…to observe the flow of the street and seek out new sightlines.”1

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1: The artist’s website

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Nancy Popp: Untitled (Street Climbing Performance and Arrest)

On Saturday March 13, 2010, at 2.00pm Nancy Popp climbed a light pole at the intersection of Constitution Avenue and Benito Juarez y/o Segunda (nearby the Tijuana Archway- “Reloj Monumental”). She clung to the pole for around five minutes before descending into the arms of several waiting policeman. The artist was detained, taken to a nearby police station, and questioned, along with La Casa del Tunel’s Luis Iuarte before being released.