Nancy Popp

There’s this kind of equitable relationship. And that doesn’t mean that there’s no hierarchy, and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t different roles, but there is some kind of exchange on a level of equal standing.

Nancy Popp is a Los Angeles-based artist who creates performance, video, drawing and photography.  Her work draws upon the rich traditions of durational, corporeal performance and political intervention to explore relations between body and site, often incorporating public and architectural spaces. She is currently included in the 3rd MexiCali Biennial at Vincent Price Art Museum. Popp has performed and exhibited at the Getty CenterAtlanta Contemporary Arts CenterRowan University, and SUNY University in New York, as well as galleries and fairs in Los Angeles, Düsseldorf, Belgrade, Naples and Tijuana, among others. She is a recipient of a 2011 California Community Visual Arts Fellowship and a Lucas Artist Fellowship from Montalvo Arts Center and is an alumni of Art Center College of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute.