Nicola Atkinson

This could be all art forms, in a sense. There is the idea of focusing on social practice, but all art forms aspire to engage and socially evoke and provoke things

Nicola Atkinson, founder of NADFLY, is a Fine Art Graduate from Brighton University, was awarded NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts), is a Fellow with mixed media art installations at the New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Long Beach Museum of Art, and creates public artworks throughout the world.

NADFLY’s works and experience extends over many years, spanning countries, diverse cities and towns and with a wide variety of individuals – all with a unique approach to projects in which the engagement in process alters peoples’ perceptions – of both art and life.

NADFLY possesses the capability, resources, and inspiration to manage complexity and deliver on time. NADFLY nurtures an enthusiasm for collaborating, working on projects with community involvement with a variety of groups, especially with children, young people and adults. As well as creating new art work in places to challenge peoples’ notions of their surroundings. NADFLY creates new areas where people are able to challenge their notions of art as well as their everyday realities.