In the gallery: Somewhere Between Body and Space, 1 + 2

I have been thinking about how my body fills and disrupts space by merely existing in it.”1

Paul Pescador’s actions, images, and videos deal with issues of social disconnection, connection, and communal space. Potted plants are left in front of homes, stores, bus stops, and cars; food is set upon a table on the public street; a small wrapped gift is placed on the sidewalk. Responses are observed.

As Pescador has increasingly recorded the results of his actions and his physical absence, so the artist’s body has been disappearing from his work. With his new photographs, completed for Performing Public Space, Pescador’s body has returned as site and agent.

Via his spare visual records of essentially solitary actions – sitting on a glass vase poised, potentially, in a moment before pain; tethered by a thread to a pole – the artist focuses contemporary spatial issues in the realm of the body. Inextricably linking physicality and relatedness, his work reaches out to a larger conversation about the relationship between individual and group, while simultaneously bringing these issues as close as ones skin.

I am performing gestures in which my body, an everyday object, and the space of downtown relate through physical contact, which is in a state of flux.”2

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1: The artist in mail exchange with Owen Driggs, December 30, 2009. 2: ibid.