Yarn Bombing Los Angeles


Yarn Bombing Los Angeles is a group of guerrilla knitters who have been collaborating since 2010 on public installations in the urban environment and at 18th Street Arts Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, Craft and Folk Art Museum and more. As Yarn Bombing Los Angeles, we are interested in the push and pull that exists between domestic crafts and street art, “low art” and “high art”. Much of our work blurs the boundaries between craft and fine arts within a public art context. The goal of our current project is to deconstruct the perception of craft and folk art versus contemporary art practices by playing with architectural identity.

“Social Practice is when instead of being in your studio and doing your own work, you are collaborating with individuals who may or may not be involved with artmaking as part of their profession or as part of their daily lives.”

“Something that may be unique to social practice, or that every social practice artist wants to create, is some sort of sustainable change that exists outside of themselves and that really starts rippling throughout society.”