You Teach the Class

This is a group project in which you will team up with 3 or 4 of your classmates and give a fifteen minute slide presentation to the class.  Your group will be assigned an artist in which you must:


1) Give brief background about the artist’s life


2) Speak about the form, content and context of one or more artworks by the artist.


3) Have at least 3 images by the artist in your presentation


4) Reference at least one book.  Research can be done online, but you will need go to a library and find book(s) that reference the artist.  A one page typed bibliography (Author, Title, Publisher, Date of Publication) is due on the day of your talk.


5)  Have your images in jpeg format and on a cd or thumb drive.  Check the images on another computer to make sure they are readable (please do not create a powerpoint presentation, images can be lost when doing so).


Artists will be selected randomly by your group

1) Maya Lin

2) Christo and Jeanne-Claude

3) Ai Weiwei

4) Salvador Dali

5) Frida Kahlo

6) Chris Burden

7) Pablo Picasso

8 ) Banksy

9) Andy Warhol

10) Georgia O’Keefe

11) Joseph William Mallord Turner

12) Jackson Pollock

13) Maurizio Cattelan

14) Eva Hesse